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Ways to Refresh Your Apartment Living Room

Ways to Refresh Your Apartment Living Room

Ways to Refresh Your Apartment Living Room


If you're living in an apartment and feeling like your living room could use a little refresh, you're not alone. Updating your living space can breathe new life into your home and make your apartment feel brand new. Whether you're looking for small changes or a complete overhaul, there are plenty of ways to update your living room without breaking the bank. Here are ten ways to refresh your apartment living room.


1. Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

One of the simplest and most effective ways to refresh your living room is by adding a fresh coat of paint. Choose a new color that matches your style and complements your furniture. Light colors can make your living room feel larger and more open, while darker hues can add warmth and coziness. Don't forget to check with your landlord or property manager before making any changes to the walls of your apartment.

2. Rearrange Your Furniture

Sometimes, all you need to do to refresh your living room is rearrange your furniture. Try different layouts to see which one works best for your space. Consider creating a focal point, such as a fireplace or a large window, and arrange your furniture around it. Experiment with different configurations until you find a setup that feels right.

3. Update Your Accessories

Accessories play a big role in the overall look and feel of your living room. Swap out old, worn-out accessories for new ones that match your style. Add throw pillows, blankets, and rugs for a cozy touch. Consider adding new artwork or updating your existing pieces with new frames. Small changes like these can make a big difference.

4. Bring in Some Greenery

Plants are a great way to add life and color to your living room. Choose a variety of plants that thrive indoors and don't require a lot of maintenance. Place them in stylish pots and arrange them around your living room. Not only do plants look great, but they also improve air quality and create a calming atmosphere.

5. Upgrade Your Lighting

Lighting can dramatically change the mood of your living room. Swap out old, outdated light fixtures for new ones that match your style. Consider adding a mix of floor lamps, table lamps, and wall sconces to create a layered lighting effect. Dimmer switches are also a great addition, allowing you to adjust the brightness to suit different activities and moods.

6. Incorporate Multifunctional Furniture

In a small apartment, it's important to make the most of your space. Incorporate multifunctional furniture that serves more than one purpose. For example, choose a coffee table with storage space underneath or a sofa bed for guests. Look for pieces that can be easily moved and reconfigured to suit your needs.

7. Add a Statement Piece

A statement piece can instantly elevate the look of your living room. Choose a bold piece of furniture, artwork, or decor that stands out and adds character to your space. This could be a unique coffee table, a large piece of artwork, or a colorful rug. Just be sure to balance it with the rest of your decor so it doesn't overwhelm the room.

8. Declutter and Organize

A clutter-free living room feels more open and inviting. Take some time to declutter and organize your space. Get rid of items you no longer need or use, and find a home for everything else. Invest in stylish storage solutions, such as baskets, shelves, and cabinets, to keep your living room tidy and organized.

9. Refresh Your Textiles

Textiles, such as curtains, rugs, and cushions, can have a big impact on the look and feel of your living room. Swap out old, worn-out textiles for new ones that match your style. Choose fabrics that are soft and comfortable, and consider adding layers for a cozy and inviting feel. Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns and textures to create a unique and personalized look.

10. Personalize Your Space

Finally, make sure your living room reflects your personality and style. Add personal touches, such as family photos, travel souvenirs, and sentimental items. Display your favorite books, candles, and other decorative items that make you happy. Creating a space that feels uniquely yours will make your living room feel like home.

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Refreshing your apartment living room doesn't have to be a daunting task. With a few simple changes, you can create a space that feels new and inviting. Whether you choose to add a fresh coat of paint, rearrange your furniture, or incorporate new accessories, the possibilities are endless. And if you're looking for apartments for rent in Wilmington, NC, contact Oasis at Riverlights today to schedule a personal tour and see all that our community has to offer. Your dream living room is just a few steps away!

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