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Safety Tips for Apartment Renters in Wilmington, NC

Safety Tips for Apartment Renters in Wilmington, NC

Safety Tips for Apartment Renters in Wilmington, NC


Finding the perfect apartment for rent in Wilmington, NC, can be an exciting chapter in your life. It’s not just about the hardwood floors, the proximity to downtown, or the spectacular river views; it's also about feeling safe and secure in your new home. At Oasis at Riverlights, we understand the importance of safety for our residents. The following tips will not only help you feel more secure in your apartment but also highlight the need for overall renter safety awareness.


Get to Know Your Neighbors

Building relationships with your neighbors can create a supportive community and a watchful environment. Knowing who lives around you helps in recognizing any unusual activities or strangers in the area. If anything seems amiss, you'll have a network of friends to call upon. Neighbors can keep an eye on each other's apartments when someone is away, collecting mail, or just providing the presence of an attentive community.

Secure Your Doors and Windows

Always ensure that your doors have sturdy locks, and if possible, install a deadbolt for added security. Don’t forget to secure sliding doors with a metal rod in the track to prevent them from being opened from the outside. Check that windows lock properly, especially if you’re on the first or second floor.

Invest in Light Timers and Smart Devices

When you’re away, you want to give the appearance that someone is still home. Light timers and smart bulbs can be programmed to turn on lights at specific times or operated remotely from your smartphone. Not only do they deter potential intruders, but they also welcome you back to a lit home.

Be Cautious with Spare Keys

While it may be tempting to hide a spare key under the doormat or above the door frame for convenience, it's a practice that's well-known to burglars. Instead, leave a spare key with a trusted neighbor or friend.

Follow Your Intuition

If something doesn't feel right, it usually isn't. Trust your instincts when it comes to your safety. If you notice someone suspicious lurking around the building or a door that’s been tampered with, report it to your building management or the local authorities immediately.

Explore Security Additions

Many modern apartments, like those at Oasis at Riverlights, allow renters to set up security systems. There are numerous non-invasive security systems available that don't require hard wiring, perfect for apartment settings. From cameras to motion sensors, explore what options work best within your leasing agreement.

Maintain Privacy on Social Media

In this age of social media, it's crucial to keep your privacy settings high and avoid broadcasting when you're not home. Check-ins and vacation photos can wait until you're safely back in your cozy apartment, enjoying the memories instead of broadcasting your absence.


Oasis at Riverlights: Your Safe Haven

Oasis at Riverlights prioritizes the safety of its residents. We make sure that all these safety measures are standard, from secure key fob access to well-lit parking areas to responsive maintenance teams.

If you're scrutinizing apartments for rent in Wilmington, NC, with safety as a top concern, we invite you to visit Oasis at Riverlights. Contact us today to schedule a personal tour and discover how our community can be your safe, new home.

Remember, whether it's about choosing the right bolt lock or getting to know your neighbors, every step you take to ensure your safety is an investment in your peace of mind. Stay safe and secure in your apartment living experience!

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