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How To Style the Perfect Coffee Table for Your Apartment

How To Style the Perfect Coffee Table for Your Apartment

How To Style the Perfect Coffee Table for Your Apartment

A well-styled coffee table can be a statement piece that brings your entire living room together. Whether you're in a cozy nook or a spacious loft, styling your coffee table can elevate your space and reflect your unique taste. If you're currently living in or searching for apartments in Wilmington, NC, this guide will provide you with all the tips you need to create the perfect coffee table centerpiece for your home.

Why a Well-Styled Coffee Table Matters

Your coffee table is more than just a surface to hold your remote controls and magazines. It's a central piece of furniture that can tie your entire living room aesthetic together. Well-chosen decor can make your space feel more inviting, personalized, and stylish.

The Key Elements of a Well-Styled Coffee Table

  1. Balance and Symmetry
  • Use items of varying heights and shapes but aim for a balanced look.
  • Place taller items like vases at one end and lower items like books at the other.
  1. Books and Magazines
  • Stack your favorite coffee table books as a base.
  • Choose books with beautiful covers that match your living room’s color scheme.
  1. Decorative Items
  • Incorporate small decorative objects such as candles, trays, and sculptures.
  • Mix materials like glass, metal, and ceramics for a layered look.
  1. Natural Elements
  • Add a touch of nature with fresh flowers, succulents, or a small potted plant.
  • Opt for low-maintenance plants if you have a busy lifestyle.
  1. Personal Touches
  • Include items that are meaningful to you, like travel souvenirs or family heirlooms.
  • These personal touches make your coffee table unique and special.

Step-by-Step Guide to Styling Your Coffee Table

Step 1: Clear the Clutter

Start by removing everything from your coffee table. This gives you a blank canvas to work with and helps you to see the potential in your space.

Step 2: Choose a Focal Point

Select one or two items that will serve as the focal point of your coffee table. This could be a large vase, an art piece, or a stack of beautiful books. Place these items first and build around them.

Step 3: Add Layers

Begin adding layers by incorporating items of various sizes and heights. Stacking books, placing a tray, and adding a few smaller decorative elements can help create a dynamic, eye-catching arrangement.

Step 4: Incorporate Different Textures

Mixing different textures can add depth and interest to your coffee table display. Combine smooth surfaces like glass or metal with rougher textures like wood or woven baskets.

Step 5: Include Natural Elements

Bring a bit of the outdoors inside by adding natural elements. Fresh flowers, a small potted plant, or even a bowl of seashells can add life and color to your coffee table setup.

Step 6: Keep It Functional

Remember that your coffee table should still be functional. Leave space for everyday items like remotes, coasters, or a cup of coffee. Avoid overcrowding the table with too many decorative objects.

Seasonal Styling Tips


  • Use pastel colors and fresh flowers.
  • Incorporate light and airy elements like glass and ceramics.


  • Opt for bright, vibrant colors and tropical plants.
  • Add beach-inspired decor like seashells or coral.


  • Use warm, earthy tones and autumnal foliage.
  • Incorporate elements like pinecones and wooden accents.


  • Choose deep, rich colors and cozy textures.
  • Add elements like candles and plush throws for a warm atmosphere.

Styling Tips for Small Spaces

Living in an apartment often means working with limited space. Here are some tips to make the most of your coffee table in a smaller living room:

  • Choose a Smaller Table: Opt for a coffee table that fits comfortably within your space without overwhelming it.
  • Use Multi-Functional Items: Look for decor that doubles as storage, like decorative boxes or trays.
  • Keep It Simple: Avoid cluttering the table with too many items. Stick to a few key pieces that you love.

Why Wilmington, NC is Perfect for Your Stylish Home

Wilmington, NC, is known for its charming neighborhoods, vibrant culture, and beautiful coastal scenery. If you're looking for the perfect place to call home, Oasis at Riverlights offers stunning apartments that allow you to express your personal style. With spacious layouts and modern amenities, you'll have the perfect backdrop to showcase your well-styled coffee table and create a cozy, inviting living space.


A well-styled coffee table can transform your living room and make your apartment feel like home. By following these tips and incorporating your personal style, you can create a beautiful, functional centerpiece that reflects your taste and enhances your space.

If you're looking for apartments in Wilmington, NC, contact Oasis at Riverlights today to schedule a personal tour. Discover how you can make our beautiful apartments your new stylish home!

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