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Creative Ways to Disguise Eyesore Spots in Your Apartment

Creative Ways to Disguise Eyesore Spots in Your Apartment

Creative Ways to Disguise Eyesore Spots in Your Apartment


A beautiful apartment in the heart of Wilmington, NC can be an oasis for comfort and relaxation. However, no living space is immune to the occasional eyesore – those everyday necessities that are less than aesthetically pleasing. From unsightly cords to storage overflowing with essentials, these common features can detract from the harmony of your living space.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore unique and practical ways to camouflage these blemishes. It’s as much about creating a serene environment as it is about showcasing your personal style. Whether you’re a longtime dweller or you're just moving into your first Wilmington, NC apartment, these creative ideas are sure to transform your space into a cozy, clutter-free abode.


The Tangled Web of Wires – Solutions for Electronic Chaos

Electronic devices are an integral part of modern life, but their tangled wires can quickly descend into chaos. Here's how to tame the electronic jungle in your apartment.

Hide and Seek with Cords

Managing Multi-Socket Surge Protectors

Surge protectors are essential for electronic safety, but they're often unsightly. Employ a decorative storage box with a power strip inside to keep cords out of sight but readily available.

Wrangle with Cord Organizers

Simple and affordable cord organizers can keep electronics in check. Velcro or zipper cases can be hidden behind electronics, effectively compartmentalizing your cord clutter.

Incorporating Cord-Concealing Furniture

Innovative furniture designs now include cord-hiding features. Desks, side tables, and sofas with built-in cord management can keep your living room looking neat and streamlined.

DIY Cord Covers

For a custom touch, consider making your own cord covers. A fabric sewn into a tube can slide over multiple cords. To add a decorative touch, you can even match the covers to your existing curtains or upholstery.

Artful Enclosures – Beautifully Camouflaging Storage

Storage is critical in any apartment, but it can quickly become an eyesore. Here are some creative ways to hide the clutter.

Statement Storage Pieces

Invest in attractive storage containers that double as decor. Wooden crates, vintage trunks, and stylish baskets can hold a multitude of items while adding character to your space.

Conceal with Curtains and Canopies

Use tension rods and your choice of fabric to create a custom curtain to hide storage shelves and closets. For a more whimsical approach, consider a bed canopy that can drape over storage.

Paint and Patterns

Consider painting storage interiors in bright or patterned colors. This can draw attention to the contents of your storage in an artistic way, rather than to the storage itself.

Smart Organization

By employing smart organization techniques such as KonMari folding and tiered shelving systems, you can make your storage look beautiful while maintaining order.

Redirect the Focus – Repositioning to Draw the Eye

Sometimes the best way to deal with an eyesore is to distract from it. Here's how to reposition elements in your space to make the most of what you have.

Focal Points

Make strategic use of artwork, furniture, and architectural features to draw the eye away from cluttered areas. By creating a focal point in the opposite direction, you can effectively mask any problem areas.

Decorative Screens

Room dividers and decorative screens can shield unattractive corners. They can also serve as a canvas for changing out decorative elements as seasons and moods shift.

Vertical Gardening and Greenery

Tall plants, hanging gardens, and trellises not only add a breath of fresh air but can also draw the eye upwards, away from problem spots.

Dual-Purpose Design – Maximizing Furniture Functionality

Furniture that serves a dual purpose is a game-changer in small apartments. Not only does it save on space, but it can also cleverly hide unsightly items.

Seating with Storage

Ottomans and benches that open up to reveal storage are perfect for hiding away blankets, games, and other odds and ends.

Fold-Down Desks and Beds

Fold-down desks and murphy beds are excellent space-saving solutions that can be hidden away when not in use, concealing any clutter on their surfaces.

Multi-Functional Shelves

Shelves that double as artwork or desk areas can be closed when not in use to hide workspaces or kitchen tools. They can also serve as platforms for room-dividing curtains or greenery.

The Power of Lighting – Illuminating to Accentuate

The right lighting strategy can not only brighten your space but can also be used to detract from problem areas.

Focused Light

Use spotlights and fixtures to draw the eye away from clutter and towards your more curated spaces.

Use of Shadow and Contrast

Strategically placed shadows and contrasts can hide a multitude of sins. Shadows created by curtains or shelves can cover up problem areas without needing a lot of effort or accessories.

Light Sculptures

Sculptural lighting fixtures can function as art, drawing the eye away from less attractive areas. They also provide a warm, inviting glow to enhance the overall ambiance.

Color Coding – Cohesive Camouflage

Sometimes, a little paint and decor can go a long way to cover up the mess. Here's how to use color to your advantage.

Match the Wall Color

Paint storage to match the wall color to make it blend in. This works especially well when dealing with open shelving or built-in storage.

Echo Your Furnishings

Select storage and organizational items that echo the colors and styles of your furniture. This will make everything look like part of a cohesive design rather than random clutter.

Use Bold Colors

If you can't hide it, make it a statement. Organize items by color or cover them with colorful fabric. This way, the clutter becomes a structured and intentional part of your decor.

Display with Intention – Turning Clutter into Art

Transforming clutter into a display can actually make it more attractive.

Curate Collections

If you collect something, display it with intention. Group like items together to create purposeful vignettes that tell a story and show off your personality.

Open Shelving

Open shelving can work as a display case for your beautiful dishes, books, or any other collection. Just be sure to keep it organized and tidy so it doesn't become just another source of clutter.

Gallery Walls

Group together artwork, photographs, and mirrors to create a gallery wall. This can distract from other areas of clutter while also allowing you to keep your favorite memories on display.

Continuous Cleansing – Organizing to Prevent the Chaos

Lastly, one of the most effective ways to keep eyesores at bay is to develop good organizational habits.

Daily Clean-Up

Spend a few minutes each day tidying up. It's much easier to maintain order than to do a complete overhaul each week.

Regular Purging

Every season, take stock of what you have and donate or sell items you no longer need. This prevents unnecessary accumulation and keeps your space feeling fresh and open.

Adaptable Design

Choose furniture and storage solutions that can be easily reconfigured. Your needs and the way you use your space will likely change over time, and having a flexible design can help you adapt gracefully.


In the end, the key to a clutter-free apartment is smart, adaptable design. By employing these strategies, you can turn your Wilmington, NC apartment into a space you're truly proud of, filled with items that bring you joy and peace. Remember, your home is a reflection of you, so make it count. And if you're looking for apartments in Wilmington, NC, be sure to check out Oasis at Riverlights for modern and stylish options that cater to your needs and desires.

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