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Tips for safeguarding your apartment deposit

Tips for safeguarding your apartment deposit

Tips for safeguarding your apartment deposit


Are you planning to move out of your apartment soon? Whether you're moving into a new rental or buying your own property, safeguarding your apartment deposit is a significant concern. It's a significant chunk of change that could be used to kick start your new journey, and you definitely don't want to lose it because of simple mistakes that could have been avoided. With this in mind, here are a few tips to make sure you don't lose your deposit when you vacate your apartment. 


1. Spotless cleaning

Check your apartment and ensure that it's spotless. Don't forget the nook and crannies that tend to accumulate dirt. For instance, if your additional cleaning chores comprise wiping down baseboards or getting into tight spaces, it is best to get professional cleaners involved. Doing so will ensure that all dirt and grime are eradicated, making your apartment look brand new when you vacate. 

2. Take pictures

After you've cleaned your apartment, the next thing to do is take pictures to document its current state. If there are any abnormalities, such as stains, damaged walls, or broken appliances, ensure that you capture them with photographic evidence. These pictures will be crucial when the time comes for your inspection, and will help you protect your apartment deposit.

3. Keep your bills up-to-date

Any outstanding utility bills could be deducted from your deposit if they are outstanding by the time of inspection. So be sure to pay your electricity, water, and any other utility bills before you vacate the premises.

4. Read your lease agreement

Reading through your lease agreement will help you understand any specific requirements, clauses, and conditions that need to be met before you vacate your apartment. For instance, some landlords or rental agencies require a specified duration notice before you leave. This notice time-frame varies, and ignoring it could make you forfeit some of your deposit as a penalty.

5. Schedule an inspection

Before you leave your apartment permanently, you must request a thorough inspection from your rental agent or landlord. This inspection will determine if any excess damages or charges that you may have overlooked are deducted from your deposit. Scheduling the inspection will also help you complete any last-minute repairs needed before the inspection process.



Losing your apartment deposit can be a frustrating and costly experience. But by following these tips, you can safeguard your deposit and start your next journey with a little extra cash in-hand. If you're currently searching for apartments for rent in Wilmington, NC, check out Oasis at Riverlights. Our experienced and knowledgeable agents can help you find the perfect apartment that meets all your needs. Contact us today for a personal tour.

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