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All You Need to Know About Landlord Reference Letters

All You Need to Know About Landlord Reference Letters

All You Need to Know About Landlord Reference Letters


When applying for a new rental property, it's essential to have all your documents ready. One critical document is the landlord reference letter, which can influence whether or not you get the apartment. A landlord reference letter is a document from your previous landlord that gives insight into your tenancy. In this blog post, we'll give you a complete guide to landlord reference letters, including what they are, why they're necessary, and how to get one.


1. What is a landlord reference letter, and why is it important?

A landlord reference letter is a document that states how well you honored your lease agreement, paid rent on time, how you cared for the property, and how you interacted with other tenants. It may also include information such as whether you caused damage to the property or conflicted with other tenants. These letters also protect the landlord from renting the property to someone who may not be financially responsible or could cause problems.

2. Who needs a landlord reference letter?

If you are a first-time renter, newly arrived from out of town, or have had issues with prior rentals, a landlord reference letter can give potential landlords the confidence to take the risk to invest in you. It can be especially useful when you need to establish your rental history or have problems on your credit score.

3. How to get a landlord reference letter

Requesting the letter can be as simple as asking your previous landlord whether they are willing to provide you with a reference letter. It's best to ask politely and not during peak times or when they are busy. If you had an excellent relationship with your landlord, it would certainly be more likely that they'll provide a compelling reference. Be prepared to provide them with the appropriate format or document they need to complete. If they require a specific format or document, ensure that you understand the requirements and help your landlord with the process.

4. What should a landlord reference letter include?

The landlord reference letter should include details such as the length of time you lived in the property, if you provided adequate notice to vacate, your rental payment history (also including if you were late on payments), your use of the property and if you caused any damages, and how often they had to conduct maintenance or repairs on the apartment. Once your reference letter is ready, double-check the details in the landlord reference letter, making sure that both your name and the landlord's contact are correctly spelled.

5. Tips to improve your landlord reference letter

If you're worried about your landlord providing a weak letter of recommendation, here are some tips to help make sure your landlord reference letter is good enough to land you another apartment:

  • Ensure you pay rent and utilities on time.
  • Take good care of your apartment.
  • Develop a good relationship with your landlord.
  • Ensure you give adequate notice when planning to vacate the property.
  • Do not have any conflicts with other tenants or the landlord.


Your landlord reference letter is a crucial element in securing a new rental property. It's important to have a good relationship with your current landlord and leave on good terms to ensure you get a compelling reference. Providing a good reference letter to your new landlord shows that you are an ideal tenant and can make the application process a lot smoother. Remember to present a clear and complete description of your tenancy to ensure that the agency can get all the information required to make their decision. If you're looking for apartments in Wilmington, NC, contact Oasis at Riverlights today to schedule a personal tour.

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