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What Makes a Good Apartment Property Manager?

What Makes a Good Apartment Property Manager?

What Makes a Good Apartment Property Manager?

When you are living in apartments in Wilmington, NC, you want to find a place that offers spacious, clean apartment units and amenities you can enjoy. It is also important to find a place within your budget that meets all your needs. One of the most important things that you should not forget when you are looking for the right apartment is to find a place that has a good, quality property manager. These are a few qualities that make a good apartment property manager.


A property manager should be truthful and up front about what goes on in your apartment building on a daily basis.  They should be comfortable delivering any type of information, whether it's good or bad.  You need an honest property manager to tell you the truth about the property, repairs needed, state of amenities, and more.


A reliable property manager is important when you need to tackle specific repairs or you have certain issues.  If your refrigerator breaks, you want to trust that they will be able to repair the issue quickly without ruining any of your food.   In these instances, you need to know that your landlord will be there to help you with rental issues.  Ask questions about how they handle these concerns so that you understand what to do in the future.

Open with Communication

You want to have a landlord that keeps you up to date during each change in your apartment building.  The last thing you want to do is hire someone who never returns your calls or responds to your emails.  This would continually halt communication.  Your agent should be able to balance communication between all of the parties involved in the investment.

Professional and Business-Minded

You need to have a landlord that can handle both the repairs and the business end of operating the building.  Your landlord should be business-savvy with the ability to handle marketing, administrative tasks, negotiations, sales, and accounting tasks.  This way, they will not lose your rent check or account information. 

Knowledgeable about Property Management

You want your landlord to be knowledgeable about how to actually operate and run the entire complex.  This means that they should keep the amenities in good shape while also tending to the needs of each unit.  An enthusiastic property manage will feed potential tenant client excitement and make tours and human resources more enjoyable. They will be able to answer any of your questions to quell your anxiety and inform you about the unit and community.

As you search for the perfect apartment to call home, consider Oasis at Riverlights. Our apartment has quality property managers here to assist with all your needs to keep you safe at our apartments in Wilmington, NC. Contact us to hear about our available apartment units today.

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