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Craigslist Tips for Apartment Tenants

Craigslist Tips for Apartment Tenants

Craigslist Tips for Apartment Tenants

Craigslist is an online community where you can purchase and sell almost anything from clothing and accessories to vintage furnishings and mysterious treasures. Browsing craigslist can be a fantastic way to uncover something totally unique while saving some hard-earned money, but it's essential to keep a few things in mind before contacting a Craigslist seller. Experts from our apartments in Wilmington, NC, offer this list of Craigslist tips.

Disclose all the Details

If you are listing something you have for sale, offer the buyer all the available details about the item. For example, describe the object, detail its model number if known, reveal the dimensions, and don't overlook listing the price. Also, record what vicinity you are in to cut down on excessive emails and inquiries and offer potential buyers a notion of how far they must travel to meet up with you.

Pay Attention to Photos and Descriptions

When browsing listings for items to purchase, look for ads with a well-written explanation and well-lit pictures of the article you are examining to buy. Ads that are inadequately written and that fail to offer a photo are both indicators that the vendor was rushing to post the listing and is likely not somebody you will appreciate bartering with.

Responsive People Rock

Ask the vendor a question about the object and use your best judgment to determine if they will offer an excellent Craiglist relationship. Only work with individuals who have respectable response times and respond to your questions comprehensively. If the customer or vendor doesn't take the time to respond to your questions, they might turn out to be somebody who won't show up for an appointment if you choose to purchase or sell stuff, or the object may not come as depicted in the ad.

Money Talks

Only carry enough cash for your lovely find, as Craigslist sellers usually don't have change. Save yourself from a pilgrimage to a local gas station to break a big bill, and always take exact change. If you are peddling an object, it is helpful to keep some small bills on hand just in case.

No Call, No Show? Not Cool!

If you make appointments to peddle or pick up a Craigslist find and are running behind or need to cancel entirely, be considerate and call the buyer or seller to make them aware. Ain't nobody got time for waiting around for someone who isn't even coming!

Stay Safe

Meet in a public place when possible. If not, take a friend with you. Maintaining your personal safety is of the utmost importance, so be wise and observe your instincts. For example, avoid getting robbed by only making high-dollar exchanges in public locations with plenty of people around. Likewise, try not to make exchanges at home, so you do not give strangers your address.

Use these tips for wheeling and dealing on Craigslist safely and effectively, and call us when you need apartments in Wilmington, NC.

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