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5 Utilities You Need to Turn on Before Moving into Your Apartment

5 Utilities You Need to Turn on Before Moving into Your Apartment

5 Utilities You Need to Turn on Before Moving into Your Apartment

Are you preparing for move in day at your new apartment? When you are moving, there are many different tasks you need to take care of before you can truly get settled into your new home. Although the list may be overwhelming, it can be easier to separate tasks based on order of importance. If you want to have move-in ready apartments in Wilmington, NC, you should take care of turning on your utilities before you actually get into your new unit. These are a few utilities you should call about before moving into your place.

Air Conditioning

The last thing you want to do is bring a bunch of family and friends into your apartment for move-in day and quickly realize that it is a sauna. Hot temperatures can deter anyone from helping you move furniture, unpack boxes, and get settled into your place. One of the most important utilities that you need to turn on is the air conditioning. This will give you the comfort you need to truly enjoy your apartment in those first few days.


In order to get things up and running, you will want to turn on your electricity. This will power your kitchen appliances, charge your phone, and allow you to turn on the lights once it gets dark. As you unpack boxes late into the night on that first day, you will be happy to keep things bright and functional.


If you plan on doing any cooking or you need gas to operate your heat, you will want to get the gas turned on before move-in day. Your gas will likely power your stove top, unless you have electric, and this will be necessary for boiling water for your tea in the morning or cooking your breakfast.

Internet and Cable

The internet is likely another utility that you will not want to go long without. It is important to contact your internet utility company so that can turn on the internet before you move in, as you may need it to start working in those first few days. You also may need it to stream your favorite shows or just stay connected and safe.


You will not be able to shower or wash dishes without running water. Before you move in, this is an essential. When you are done with a difficult and labor-intensive moving day, you will be thankful for running water to enjoy a long, hot shower. This will also make it easier to do basic things, like flush a toilet or rinse any dishes.

These are just a few of the utilities that you need to make sure you turn on before you move into your apartment. When you are looking for a new place to call home, consider checking out our apartments in Wilmington, NC. Contact Oasis at Riverlights to hear more about our apartment amenities today.

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