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5 Unusual and Unique Wilmington, NC, Attractions

5 Unusual and Unique Wilmington, NC, Attractions

5 Unusual and Unique Wilmington, NC, Attractions

Some people don't want to visit the same mainstream attractions that other people love. So in nearly every city you visit, you will find unusual and unique attractions that are unlike anything else you will find around the city. They tend to appeal to a niche audience and offer goods and services outside of the norm. Experts from our apartments for rent in Wilmington, NC, present the most unusual and unique attractions across the city.

Saigon Market

The Saigon Market is one of the most unique groceries in the Wilmington area. They have a great produce section and a large selection of Asian foods, spices, desserts, etc. Here you will discover Asian specialty items that you cannot find anywhere else in the city. They have an extremely friendly and accommodating staff who will help you find anything you need. Also, try the Vietnamese coffee and Café Du Monde, New Orleans coffee in an orange can, for a unique coffee lover's treat.

Drift and Dream

Many people have never heard of floating, or floatation therapy, which offers a meditative and healing experience where you get in a tub of Epsom salt-saturated water that allows you to float. In addition, you are in a completely dark, soundproof room meant to strip away distractions and allow you to relax completely. These sensory deprivation tanks are primarily used to ease muscle tension and mental anxiety. It is said to help healthy people sleep better, feel less pain, and experience less overall stress.

Cape Fear Circus Arts

If you have ever considered running away and joining the circus, this attraction will appeal to your inner child. Test your performance skills with aerial skills or trapeze classes. This group offers a wide array of circus performance-type classes at many Carolina Beach and Wilmington Studios for anyone who wants to hone their skills at aerial silks, aerial hoops, partner acrobatics, and flexibility. Along with their circus-style training, they also have performance and community outreach opportunities for students to engage in. The group welcomes students of all ages and backgrounds for a source of physical fitness motivation and creative inspiration that you cannot find elsewhere. They pride themselves on creating a nurturing, non-judgmental, supportive environment focused on safety.

Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Plant Garden

The garden features a wide assortment of carnivorous plants for your learning pleasure. It is free and self-led. It is essential not to pick any of the plants because it is considered a felony in North Carolina. However, if you are a nature lover with a penchant for the unique and unusual, the Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Plant Garden is an attraction you do not want to miss.

Museum of the Bizarre

This small museum offers plenty to see when you stop in on your downtown outing. Some of the fantastic exhibits you can visit include a unicorn horn, a chupacabra hand, several 3D souvenir pictures, numerous movie props, shrunken heads, an Annabelle doll, an elongated skull of Peru, Alexander Hamilton's hair, a Fort Fisher mermaid, and the crystal skull of knowledge. There is also a mirror maze and laser vault challenge for added fun. In addition, there is a series of interactive exhibits, a cabinet of curiosities, an authentic Van De Graaff generator, and a chance to have your picture taken inside the jaws of a shark.

Check out these unusual and unique attractions in Wilmington today. And call us right away if you are looking for apartments for rent in Wilmington, NC. We want to help you find your next home.

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