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Top Fall Decoration Ideas For Your Apartment

Top Fall Decoration Ideas For Your Apartment

Top Fall Decoration Ideas For Your Apartment

There are many things to think about while deciding on an apartment for rent in Jacksonville, Florida. A new home means out with old and in with the new. What a great opportunity for new decorations in your new home. Where to begin. Taking into account of welcoming a new season always makes decorating ideas easy and does not need to take a lot of time and resources.

It’s Fall and there many things to love about this season with the leaves changing to brilliant colors, the cool crisp air, pulling out those fun winter clothes AND….”The Holidays”.
Here are 3 easy ways to decorate the new apartment for rent in Jacksonville, Florida...


To do this yourself, all you will need is some fake leaves that you can purchase from any craft store. These golden-brown beauties have already been processed for you and sometimes shaped into a clean, beautiful garland. You will also need some medium size balloons, and some craft glue or elmer’s glue. Inflate the balloon, then glue the leaves all around the balloon until the balloon is covered completely. Once the glue sets, just pop the balloon inside. Now you are left with a nice bowl for keeping keys, credit cards, remotes and other small items in your living room.


Pumpkin leaves do not need to be boring especially when you can use them to decorate your home for the Halloween season. All you need to do is find some healthy pumpkin leaves and paint them in a nice color to go with the color of the apartment for rent in Jacksonville, Florida. Take your leaves and cover them with glue and sprinkle them with glitter to create a decorative leaf that can be used to stand alone on a table or place them on a Jack-o-lantern to give them some swag.


This is a great way to decorate your apartment and also give it a nice natural citrusy aroma at the same time. You can easily make this by slicing oranges and placing them in the oven for about four hours. After they have cooled down, take some cinnamon sticks and insert into the oranges. You can also increase the aroma by adding some bay leaves or potpourri. With these finishing touches, now it’s time to place around your home.

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