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4 Easy Ways to Get Fit In Your Apartment

4 Easy Ways to Get Fit In Your Apartment

4 Easy Ways to Get Fit In Your Apartment

Staying healthy means eating well, creating good habits, and sticking to a fitness schedule. Many apartment complexes offer fitness centers with lots of options for getting in shape. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t effective ways to start working out right in your living room.


Obviously, walking around outside is an effective workout, but don’t underestimate the number of steps you can log inside. Download a step tracking app, or buy a pedometer.

Set a daily goal, and on the days you spend inside, make sure you hit your daily steps by doing laps around the house or pacing back and forth while you talk on the phone. Walking is one of the best beginner cardiovascular exercises, and it helps you stay active on the days you can’t go outside.

Low-Impact Workout Videos

Living in an apartment complex means finding ways to workout that are considerate to your neighbors. There are many effective workout programs on YouTube and fitness-specific subscription programs. However, you will want to skip the ones that involve a lot of jumping and running.

Search for low-impact fitness routines that will still get your heartrate up. One of the best ways to do this is to invest in a set of resistance bands. There are many effective exercises with these bands that avoid noisy jumping, but still give your heart a workout.

Body Weight Exercises

Another low-impact but effective fitness routine is body-weight exercises. These include pushups, lunges, pullups, chin-ups, squats, and planks. One of the best things about these exercises is that you don’t need an expensive, noisy weight set to get a good workout in.

For the best results, find a full-length mirror for your workout area so you can check your form while you exercise. Because you’re using your own body weight for resistance, correct form is what makes the exercise effective.


Whether you’re just beginning your fitness journey, or you’ve been running marathons for years, stretching is one of the most important factors in a healthy, fit body. And, it’s easy to do while you watch your favorite TV show.

Start with a quick warm-up to get your heart pumping and your blood moving, and then find a stretching routine that improves your flexibility, and focuses on the parts of your body that are tense or painful. If you have a current or old injury, check with your doctor to find a good stretching routine that will help get you back into a workout program safely.

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